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End Of Lease Property Maintenance In Adelaide

We specialise in getting properties back up to scratch, Fast.

Tennants,Owners and Landlords/Agents All Welcome.


At RPG, We are committed to seeing that every end of lease and rental cleanout, repair and recovery service is held to a high standard of excellence no matter what state it is in when we start.

Having seen and serviced it all before you can be assured we can get you and the property back on track with minimal fuss. Our fast free onsite consultations allow for us to meet on site, discuss your goals and needs, and perform a site assessment. With this information, we can propose a scope of work with a quotation, all free of charge.

Servicing all of Adelaide


A typical end of lease/rental cleanout, repair and recovery service includes:

Clear all rubbish, Mow and edging of lawns, Weeding and general tidy up of garden beds, Trim or hedge of plants/bushes, Clear tree limbs/bushes from roof space, Clean gutters and check all drains for blockages, Repair any holes in wall/doors, Paint anything required, Clear all paths, Clean windows, Tighten clothes line, Dry lubricate locks, Check lights/ replace if needed, Check fencing/gates and adjust if needed.

End Of Lease Property Maintenance

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